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Announcement: Ask Me Anything!


Folks, this Friday January 12 I’ll be hosting an AMAfeed Q&A. If you’re not familiar with AMAfeed (Ask Me Anything) it’s a place where people have the opportunity to ask questions on a given subject and get direct answers from a professional working in that field.

I’ll be hosting on the topic of plumbing. Just kidding! Of course my topic will be comics— and everything to do with comics (the business of comics, syndication, creating comics, drawing, writing, publishing, etc... everything under the sun of comics, art, and living the life of a freelance creative professional in today’s market.)

The title of my AMA is “Passionate About Comics? Ask Me Anything.” It begins at 11 am Eastern Standard Time. That’s 8 am for you guys over on the west coast. If you’re a late riser, not to worry— the AMA feed will remain open for 7 days (I’ll be answering questions in real time for about a couple of hours starting at 11 am, and then after that I’ll be checking in from time to time to answer more of your questions.) The AMA will be live for a week, so get your questions in during that time (Friday Jan. 12, 11 am to Friday Jan. 19, 11 am). Again, Easter Standard Time.

Oh, and that photo of me above? I had to do one of those to prove that I am who I say I am—Rina Piccolo, the cartoonist, and not say, an imposter plumber pretending to be me, har har.

Please join me next week. I would love to answer your questions, and I’ll do my best not to be boring.

...and please share this news with your comics-loving friends. If you know an aspiring comic artist that can benefit from this AMA, then send them this link:  AMA feed to Rina Piccolo's "Passionate About Comics. Ask Me Anything."

The clock is ticking, and I'm looking forward to Friday!

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